Amrita Palaparthi


These are some of the projects I’ve been working on over the past few years. Code for these projects is available upon request via email. Mouse over the images below for project details!

OMP for Machine Learning
Python, Jupyter, NumPy, LaTeX
Our project presents a comprehensive Jupyter Notebook, notes, and lecture on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for ML. We introduce fundamental concepts of outlier detection to improve linear model performance. (CS189, Fa20)
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Cryptographic File Storage
This project is a secure file system from symmetric-key and public-key cryptographic primitives. It supports efficient single-user file creation, appending, and deletion as well as multiple-user file sharing and revocation. (CS161, Fa20)
Project Specification
ML Course Survey
This report surveys practical Machine Learning and Data Science courses at US universities, identifying key concepts and skills. We propose a course schedule and sample assignments for a practical ML course at Cal. (EECS189, Fa20)
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Pacman AI Agents
In this project series, I programmed agents for the Pacman environment. These included using A* to locate food, Expectimax/Minimax and MDPs to win a classic Pacman game, and Particle Filtering to locate hidden ghosts. (CS188, Sp20)
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Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Heroku
ActionMap is an interactive map of the United States that enables voters to learn about their national, state, and county-level elected officials. Features related to news articles are currently in development. (CSW169A+Personal Extensions)
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Build Your Own World
Our 2D, maze-like game world includes features like randomized themes, dark mode, navigating to treasure, and "Oskification" (the takeover of the world by icons representing Cal's mascot, Oski). (CS61B, Sp19)
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Check out some of my work on GitHub: