Amrita Palaparthi

Amrita Palaparthi

MS CS @ Stanford | EECS @ Cal


Hi! I’m Amrita. I enjoy building cool software solutions to impactful, challenging problems. I also love teaching fun CS concepts and am currently pursuing research on the application of deep learning to understanding misinformation online.

Here are some of the things I’ve been involved in over the past few years, both within and outside of the Stanford and UC Berkeley university community.

For more details, check out my full resume here.

  • Software Engineering Intern, Ads Unique Reach – Google
    • Implemented a scalable solution for next-generation population reporting to Google advertisers, integrating information such as region-specific internet/TV users into petabytes of data served & analytics for ad campaign reach
    • Worked with stakeholders across teams to define requirements and create a detailed design for a new data schema and pipelines, baking in latency-sensitive querying for diverse use cases and consistency with existing Ads systems
  • Social Media Lab – Stanford University
    • Leverage ML techniques to understand the ephemerality of fake news as part of an interdisciplinary research team
    • Adapt CV+NLP Deep Learning models to identify salient textual and visual features of multimodal fake news articles
  • Graduate Teaching Assistant – Stanford University
    • Teach Artificial Intelligence concepts including ML topics, Search Problems, and Markov Decision Processes to undergraduate and graduate students as part of course staff for CS 221, Stanford’s upper division AI course
  • Software Engineering Intern, Cloud Observability – Splunk
    • Designed and developed dashboards for SLO discoverability, enabling users to dive into, visualize, and share information on Service Level Objectives across regions, teams, K8s clusters, and services. Led team Hackathon project on automated URL recognition within messages that is currently deployed to production, serving ~10K Splunk users
  • Head Undergraduate Student Instructor – UC Berkeley EECS
    • Led development and deployment of course material as Head of Content, design resources for students without prior programming experience, teach sections of up to 400 students in CS61A
  • Research Assistant Berkeley AI Research Lab, Dr. Trevor Darrell’s Research Group
    • Long-horizon Planning – contributing to project centered on the use of skill composition to improve performance in complex robotic manipulation tasks
    • Computer Vision – adapted and evaluated the performance of Continual Learning approaches on Object Detection tasks in the Berkeley DeepDrive Dataset
  • Undergraduate Student Instructor (Teaching Assistant) – UC Berkeley EECS
    • Taught 40+ students in weekly lab and discussion sections and designed resources for CS61A, UC Berkeley’s introductory Computer Science course taught in Python, SQL, and Scheme
  • Intern – Genista Biosciences
    • Worked on software development, microbial testing, and graphic design projects at a startup focused on ensuring food safety
  • Coach/Mentor FIRST Robotics, Silver Creek High School
    • Mentor students interested in STEM at my local public high school, helping them cultivate software development skills and a passion for engineering and design through robotics


These are some of the projects I’ve been working on over the past few years. Code for these projects is available upon request via email. Mouse over the images below for project details!

OMP for Machine Learning
Python, Jupyter, NumPy, LaTeX
Our project presents a comprehensive Jupyter Notebook, notes, and lecture on Orthogonal Matching Pursuit for ML. We introduce fundamental concepts of outlier detection to improve linear model performance. (CS189, Fa20)
Take Me There
Cryptographic File Storage
This project is a secure file system from symmetric-key and public-key cryptographic primitives. It supports efficient single-user file creation, appending, and deletion as well as multiple-user file sharing and revocation. (CS161, Fa20)
Project Specification
ML Course Survey
This report surveys practical Machine Learning and Data Science courses at US universities, identifying key concepts and skills. We propose a course schedule and sample assignments for a practical ML course at Cal. (EECS189, Fa20)
Take Me There
Pacman AI Agents
In this project series, I programmed agents for the Pacman environment. These included using A* to locate food, Expectimax/Minimax and MDPs to win a classic Pacman game, and Particle Filtering to locate hidden ghosts. (CS188, Sp20)
Watch Demo
Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, MySQL, Heroku
ActionMap is an interactive map of the United States that enables voters to learn about their national, state, and county-level elected officials. Features related to news articles are currently in development. (CSW169A+Personal Extensions)
View the App
Build Your Own World
Our 2D, maze-like game world includes features like randomized themes, dark mode, navigating to treasure, and "Oskification" (the takeover of the world by icons representing Cal's mascot, Oski). (CS61B, Sp19)
Video Demo

Check out some of my work on GitHub:


Lecture 1 of CS 61A in Fall ’19, my first semester as a tutor

I’ve had the opportunity to be involved in the CS/EE teaching community for over 5 semesters, currently as a Graduate TA for CS 211: Artificial Intelligence at Stanford and formerly as a CS Mentor, Tutor, TA, and Head TA for CS61A: The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs. As Head of Content, I created discussion, lab, project, and review material for over 1700 students enrolled in 61A (you can find these on the course calendar). I also teach an orientation section to introduce students with no prior experience in programming to course concepts and problem-solving techniques. Check out some of the guides I’ve put together below!

Resources for Students

Captured Moments

I’ve been lucky enough to be able to travel to some truly beautiful places. I like to capture the moments and the memories that come with them in the photos I take.

Snow-capped peaks overlook a sprawling valley on a hike through Denali National Park, Alaska
sunset over lake
The sun sets over Kumarakom, painting the waves with tones of gold and red
Morning rain leaves behind a crown of droplets on the petals of the flowers in my front yard